Neil Armstrong’s UFO Secrets…

Via Neil Armstrong, the first man to walk on the moon, recently passed away at age 82.

Close friends and very close family members of both Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin have separately said that there were numerous, large UFOs around the crater where the Apollo 11 Lunar Module landed and that these were seen by both Armstrong and Aldrin.

Neil Armstrong became somewhat of a recluse after the moon landing, and rarely spoke of the historic event.

His friends and family have told Dr. Greer that this is because he was a man of such integrity that he simply did not want to be put in a position to lie to the public about such a momentous encounter.

How tragic that our heroes have been placed in this untenable situation!

When Dr. Greer was organizing The Disclosure Project a few years ago, he asked one of Neil Armstrong’s friends if Armstrong would come to Washington to brief members of Congress at the 1997 Congressional briefing they organized in April of that year.

Dr. Greer was told that Armstrong wished he could – but that if he spoke about what really happened during the moon landing, that Neil Armstrong, his wife, and children would all be killed. It was put to Dr. Greer this bluntly.

Dr. Greer found this to be unbelievable at the time, but since then have found that such threats and bullying by the over-reaching national security state is routine.

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