John Bolton, Former U.S. Ambassador To The U.N: Israel Should Not Wait To Attack Iran

Via Breitbart: John Bolton, former U.S. Ambassador to the U.N., is saying that Israel should not wait to attack Iran because Barack Obama will never come to Israel’s aid.

John Bolton says there is no way at this stage to prevent Iran from going nuclear without the use of force.

Bolton says it is very unfortunate, but that it is impossible that Obama will use military force, and therefore it falls upon Israel to do so.

Interviewed by the Intermountain Jewish News, Bolton said that Israel attacking Iran is not the best option: he would rather see the U.S. attack Iran.

Bolton says Israel has twice attacked enemies that were developing nuclear weapons, and that it has the right to do so in this case as well.

John Bolton blames both George W. Bush and Barack Obama for Iran’s development of nuclear weapons.

John Bolton says that Israel stands alone, but I think he forgets that God has a finger in the pie.

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