U.S. Rattles Saber Against Iran In Attempt To Stall Israeli Strike

Via RT: The U.S. announced it will take further indirect action against Iran in an effort to delay a possible Israeli strike against the country.

Washington’s plans to halt Iran’s embattled nuclear program include military exercises in the Persian Gulf.

In addition to increasing U.S. naval activity in the region, Washington is also preparing to intensify economic sanctions against Iran’s oil industry, the New York Times reported.

The current embargo on Iranian oil and political pressure on the Islamic Republic will result in higher oil prices on international markets, Iran’s Petroleum Minister Rostam Qasemi said, according to RIA Novosti.

The U.S. – along with 25 other countries – will conduct extensive joint minesweeping exercises in the Persian Gulf in October.

The move aims to increase pressure on Iran and prevent it from closing the Strait of Hormuz.

Iran has also scheduled war games for this autumn, which are intended to dissuade the international community against an attack.

Washington is currently treading a fine line in the Israel-Iran dispute amid increasingly hawkish rhetoric from the Israeli government, which is pressing for an immediate strike on Iran’s nuclear facilities.

The Obama administration has urged Israel to refrain from military action and allow more time for diplomatic initiative.

On Sunday, Israeli PM Benjamin Netanhayu called on world leaders to draw a “clear red line” for action against Iranian nuclear activities.

Israel has criticized Washington for its perceived unwillingness to back an Israeli strike against Iran’s nuclear program.

The Obama administration has faced increasing criticism from Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney for being “soft” on Iran.

Romney previously stated that he would never allow Iran the capability to produce weapons-grade uranium.

Romney also slammed Obama’s diplomatic stance on Iran, accusing him of endangering the U.S. and alienating Israel.

According to Alex Jones’ Infowars there are 19 signs that Israel and Iran are on the verge of war.

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