The Church And The Temple Of God

The Bible says that in the last days, the Third Temple will be rebuilt.

When the Third Temple is rebuilt it will be called “the Temple of God”, according to 2 Thessalonians 2:4, and compare with Revelation chapter 11.

There are three reasons why the Third Temple will be consecrated and why Paul calls it the “Temple of God” instead of just the “Temple”.

First, if the Temple of God weren’t consecrated, it couldn’t be defiled.

Second, the Orthodox Church – equivalent with the Levites – plays a major role since the Church is eternal and global.

Third, Jerusalem is a Holy city for both Christians and Jews.

The Third Temple is about to be rebuilt, and it will be the ultimate proof that there is no difference between the Greek and the Jew.

There is furthermore a sure prophecy in Revelation 20:9, as it talks about the camp of the saints and the beloved city.

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