Outrage Leads Stockholm Library To Drop Tintin Ban

Via The Local:

Popular comic book series Tintin had been taken off the shelves at the Kulturhuset Stockholm library after staff members slammed the portrayal of other cultures as “Afro-phobic”.

Following a storm of media criticism, officials at the Kulturhuset library in Stockholm have reversed their decision to remove Tintin comic books from its shelves, saying the move happened “too fast”.

“The decision happened too fast”, Kulturhuset head Eric Sjöström and the organization’s artistic director, Behrang Miri, said in a statement released late Tuesday morning.

The reversal comes after a report in Tuesday’s Dagens Nyheter (DN) newspaper in which Miri said the library planned to remove Tintin comics from its shelves.

“The image the Tintin books give of Africans is Afro-phobic, for example. Africans are a bit dumb, while Arabs sit on flying carpets and Turks smoke water pipes”, he told the paper.

But after criticism of the move erupted in Swedish media on Monday morning, Miri changed his stance.

“I wanted to highlight an opinion piece about issues of discrimination, but realize now that it’s wrong to ban books”, Miri said in a statement.

However, Kulturhuset head Sjöström applauded Miri for prompting a discussion about discrimination.

“The issues of discrimination, equality, and norms continue to be debated and discussed”, Sjöström said in a statement.

Sjöström added: “Behrang Miri is employed as an artistic director for children and young people for all of Kulturhuset, with a stated role of developing its artistic content. His mission is to continue working with issues of discrimination and I support him fully”.

In Belgium – Tinitin – one of Belgium’s most famous export products recently went to court on accusations of racism.

Since Tintin was written by Herge with the common and usual view of the 1930’s people, the criticism is exaggerated.

The Old Testament of the Bible is often anti-Semitic, and Moses who was a Levite and not a Jew, was often at odds with the Jews.

Moses even put his tent outside of the habitation of the Jews, and married a woman from Ethiopia.

Will the Bible be banned next, or maybe Asterix, which makes the Romans look like idiots?

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