1 Million Ohioans Using Free Phone Program

Via Dayton Daily News

A program that provides subsidized phone service to low-income individuals has nearly doubled in size in Ohio in the past year — now covering more than a million people.

At the same time, federal officials say they’re reining in waste, fraud and abuse in the program.

Just like there must be free health care for all citizens, and the education likewise should be free and equal for all children, so should of course telephone services be free too in the civilized world.

The West is the leading part of the world, and capitalism is the best political system.

However, even the sun has its spots, and if we cannot provide a good and sustainable society for all citizens, then capitalism, democracy, and freedom are of course of no value.

Conservatism, yes, and with a massive social impact – one man, one vote – avoiding wars, and dependency upon private banks, which all should be nationalized.

Constitutional Monarchy, Christianity, and Democracy, are the pillars upon which civilized society is defended by its military, preserved, and works efficiently, technology advances, and equality, justice, and liberty are allowed to thrive.

If we allow private banks to plunder people, wars to plunder nations, religious freedom to destroy the world, schools to only educate the children of the rich, and only people with money to get adequate health care, and furthermore Presidents who were not born to rule, then we have failed as a generation.

The West is powerful, and from the East comes wisdom, without which there would be no future.

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