Serbia Considers Ban On Gay Rights Parade Over Violence Fears

Via Daily Press:

Swedish photographer Elisabeth Ohlson Wallin’s controversial gay exhibition “Ecce Homo” is scheduled to open a gay pride parade in Belgrade on Wednesday.

But it has brought bad blood among nationalists, who threaten to stop the festival, and the Serbian Orthodox Church expects that the government will stop the show.

Authorities in Serbia are considering banning the gay rights parade and all other public gatherings in Belgrade this weekend.

The “Ecce Homo” exhibition wants to insult the feelings of Christian believers and religious people.

If Jesus Christ is shown in a homosexual context in Serbia, the police will certainly be very busy there.

Not only is the exhibition a tasteless provocation, but the question is if the Serbian police force should be used to protect outrageous provocations on civilized society.

And who will pay for keeping the police force busy, and the damage done?

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