Is Israel Hiding The Secret Source Of Christianity?


Were the final resting-places of the family and disciples of Jesus discovered 30 years ago and then hidden as part of a religious-political conspiracy?

The archaeological controversy swirling around two Roma-era burial tombs in Jerusalem refuses to die. Indeed, it has become something of an ugly academic slugfest.

In one corner stands the Israeli archaeological establishment represented by the Israel Antiquities Authority and Professor Amos Kloner of Bar-Ilan University, backed by various respected archaeologists and scholars.

In the other stands Simcha Jacobovici, the filmmaker and self-styled “Naked Archaeologist”, backed by another group of respected archaeologists and scholars.

Jacobovici made a film and wrote a book about each of these burial sites.

He dubbed the first one “The Jesus Family Tomb” based on the collection of names that seemed to be members of the family of Jesus.

Jacobovici dubbed the other “The Resurrection Tomb”, arguing that it held the remains of the early disciples and images from early Christian iconography.

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