Happy New Year 2013 !!!!!!

This has been a remarkable year for me, full of awesome events and experiences often in new and strange places.

At fall last year I was baptized Greek Orthodox Christian at Mount Athos and the Koutloumousiou monastery in Macedonia, Greece.

Accordingly I started this year at Mount Athos, in Greece.

Eventually I left for Geneva in Switzerland to see my daughter close to there in the French alps.

Destiny wanted me to visit father Ephraim and father Paisios at St. Anthony’s Greek Orthodox monastery in Arizona, south of Phoenix in Florence.

There I met Charles from San Diego, Will from California, and Michael from Siberia, and many other wonderful persons.

God then led me back to France and eventually to Belgium where I spent summer at my cousin’s place in Wallonia.

Then I went to Sweden, where I stayed until the Lord called me back to the Koutloumousiou monastery at Mount Athos.

I was directed out of the monastery by God’s hand to the beautiful Greek city Thessaloniki.

Thanks to the Akepa hospital in Thessaloniki, the Red Cross, and the Catholic Church, my journey eventually continued to Constantinople/Istanbul in Turkey, before I ended up in Stockholm, Sweden, from where I was sent here to Malmö, where I’m presently at in southern Sweden.

It has been a fantastic and adventurous year.

I want to thank all my friends for good cooperation and for having made this year both interesting and worthwhile.

I have seen the good, the bad, and the ugly.

I wish a Happy New Year 2013 to everybody but especially to Stefan and Noemie, to Fotini, to Eleni and Maria, to Eric and Per, to Dimitris, John, and Adonis, to Patricia and Christian, and also to Serge with family.

I will not forget to mention Jonas, Lena, and Mats, Elijah the Tishbite, and of course at the Koutloumousiou monastery – the Geront Christodolous, fr Gregoriou, fr Nikolau, fr Jacobos, fr Dionysios, fr Hilarion, fr Tarasius, fr Philoteou, fr Chrysostom, fr Mike, fr Gerasimus, fr Efthimie, fr Fotius, fr Joakim, fr Timothy, Oleg etc.

There are many more I will remember in my prayers.

I’m single for the moment, after a short first marriage with a Swedish woman some years ago, and a marriage with a Belgian woman which also ended up in divorce 2009.

But apparently some women in Greece and also here in Sweden want to change my marital status.

This year will be interesting and as I’m a Capricorn and with Venus in Scorpio, I’m actually not so much of a monk since I’m very interested in females, although my spiritual search.

I’m Swedish but fluent in French and I love the Greek language.

I have notions of other languages as well.

Who knows what will happen and from where love will come in 2013?

But I feel ready for it, and I’m sure 2013 will be a great year.

I wish you all – followers, friends, and readers – a marvelous 2013 with abundant prosperity, excellent health, and much much love.

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