Swedish Sex Toys Make Global Success

Via The Swedish Wire:

Swedish maker of vibrators and massage devices Lelo is getting more and more international media attention for its innovative and fashionable products as the high-end segments is expected to grow further.

Technology blog TechCrunch said Lelo’s new Smart Wand is the “the best personal massage device on the market”.

XBIZ Network ranked the company as one of last year’s best innovators in the sex toy field. It said that Lelo has landed a new U.S. patent for a product described as the first remote controlled couples massager worn by women during sex.

Cosmopolitan recently said that U.S. electronics retailer Brookstone has teamed up with “upscale” sex toy brand Lelo to sell and distribute its new line (with selling points like each product is designed to “bring the art of relaxation to vibrant life”).

Bloomberg said that high-end gadgets sex toys are an increasing consumer segment.

“If you work in the City and make good money, how would it look if you went into the special part of your cupboard and had something ugly?”, says Allison England, a saleswoman at Coco de Mer, a chain of British lingerie and luxe sex toy boutiques that also has a shop in Manhattan.

In 2001, Ad Week hailed the Swedish company and said: “If Apple made sex toys, they’d probably look something like this”.

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