David Cameron Promises UK Chance To Leave EU Within Five Years

Via The Sun:

David Cameron today made a historic pledge to give the British people a chance to leave the EU within five years.

We in Sweden should also get that same opportunity to leave the worthless EU.

I agree with Nigel Farage that either you are wholly fully in or wholly fully out of the European Union.

I have lived in different EU countries since 2000, and I have changed opinion and I’m now convinced the EU has no future.

I believe market economy should be the exception in a centralized and socialized world.

Hospitals, banks, and schools can never be accepted as profit driven institutions.

We must embrace collectivism and the same for everyone, while too much individualism destroys our freedom and welfare state.

Centralization and elitism is impossible with a diversity of cultures, languages, and markets.

If the EU was a truly centralized state with one leader, one language, and one army, it would be interesting.

With one language, one telephone company, and one bank for Europe, the idea would be great, because that is what internationalism should be about.

But with 6.000 different bank corporations and thousands of different telephone operators the idea is impossible, because you can never have unity if you have diversity.

The day school children across Europe simultaneously are on the same page in the same book and in the same language, we can reconsider if EU could be benefitting Europe.

As long as other countries are too different from Sweden, Sweden should leave the European Union.

There is no advantage for countries like the UK or Sweden to embrace a debased social EU model, where salaries are low, culture and education is terrible, and where there is no security, but sweeping poverty, anarchy, and social problems are raging.

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