"The U.S. Dollar Is In A Terminal Phase"

Via Before It’s News:

Greg starts off by saying we are approaching a time that we have all been talking about for a while now.

The acceleration of the dollar collapse.

The federal reserve has released a statement that money is being withdrawn from U.S. banks at a rate that has not been seen since the 911 terrorist attacks.

The dollar is in a terminal phase , it’s on life support, it cannot recover.

Greg thinks the federal reserve is trying to kill the dollar as a way to get out of debt.

It’s going to cause incredible suffering, anyone left holding dollars will be doomed.

Investors are dumping the dollar.

Banks are only required to have 10% of your money that you deposited on hand, the rest is lent out.

It’s called fractional reserve banking, it’s a scam.

Banks fear bank runs, if everyone went at once to get their money out, it’s not there, you cannot get it all.

The dollar collapse is happening now right before your eyes.

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