Emily Ratajkowski Busts Out Of Her Bikini For Carl’s Jr. Because Burgers And Hot Girls Go Together

Via What Would Tyler Durden Do?:

Burgers are about getting hungry and horny.

You can’t get much more Americana than a hot girl named Emily posing in a red, white, and blue bikini for a burger chain pushing a Memphis BBQ Burger than you can probably still aftertaste as you go down for your third cardiac arrest by age 40.

Everybody calls Emily Ratajkowski that girl who was on iCarly, but she was only on like two or three episodes as a side character because by the time she was eighteen, Emily was ready to start taking her clothes off for European photographers in what we have to consider the best career move ever.

But mostly because tugging one out to iCarly is still seriously wrong, while taking a copy of a skin-filled Frenchy magazine into the can and locking the door is an honorable rite of passage.

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