Man Trampled As Hundreds Of Desperate Greeks Scuffle For Food

Via RT:

A fruit and vegetable handout in Greece led to one man being trampled on Wednesday, calling attention to the desperate conditions in the crisis-hit country.

The person was injured when he was pushed by a crowd trying to grab the goods and fell and hit his head.

Some 55 tons of produce was given away by farmers who were protesting high production costs.

The chaos was sparked when food stalls ran out of fruits and vegetables, prompting dozens of people to rush to a nearby truck.

It was an “every man for himself” situation as the Greeks shoved their way to the front of the truck, competing for the food that was left.

The 55 tons of food was completely gone in under two hours.

A Reuters employee at the scene was hit on the head with cauliflower heads as he attempted to photograph the situation.

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