Findus Horsemeat Fear Hits Hong Kong

Via The Swedish Wire:

Horse meat was discovered in products that are supposed to be 100 percent beef, sold in Sweden, the United Kingdom, and France.

Now the scandal has spread all the way to Hong Kong and lasagne products are being pulled from supermarket shelves, according to media sources and government statements.

South China Morning Post said Saturday that ParknShop has taken Findus lasagne off shelves amid fears over horsemeat.

Customers who bought product are being told not to eat it.

360g packs of Findus Beef Lasagne were previously sold at ParknShop and its subsidiaries Great and Taste.

A spokeswoman for the chain declined to say how many boxes had been imported, sold, or recalled.

The lasagne was imported from Britain and made by French food-processing company Comigel in Luxembourg, the newspaper said.

Food manufacturer Findus Sweden recalled thousands of packets of frozen “beef lasagne” after tests showed they contained horsemeat.

Findus in Sweden had purchased frozen lasagnes from a Comigel factory in Luxembourg.

CNN said that high-stakes lawsuits, overlapping investigations and a bitter battle over blame are spreading across Europe in the wake of a scandal that has rocked the meat industry.

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