Rob Kardashian Turned Rita Ora Gay?

Via Hollyscoop:

On Friday, the Internet lit up when photos of Rita Ora giving mouth-to-mouth to bisexual fashion model Cara Delevingne surfaced.

“I miss the wifey….baby come closer!” the photo’s caption read.

She also told the UK’s Sun: “She’s officially mine. She’s, like, untouchable. I’ve taken her off the market. We call each other ‘wifey’ … You know what a wifey means? It’s like your other half. Like when you get married, like, that’s your wife!”

The fashionista has been the long-running casualty to Internet rumors about her lesbian tendencies. So, we’re taking this “confession” with a grain of salt—or, at least as a light-hearted moment poking fun at off track gossip.

Still, for Rob Kardashian, who famously got dumped by Rita, this all surely comes as a major blow to his manhood.

He’s doing his best to cover that up, though, tweeting macho messages like “MUMFORD all day during my workouts!”

Sure, Rob. Sure…

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