Lindsay Lo-Down: Mo’ Taxes And Potential Charlie Sheen Sex

Via Hollyscoop:

The sh*tstorm saga continues… Yeah, we’re talking, of course, about Lindsay Lohan. Here’s the latest on Hollywood’s slipperiest starfish.

Santa Claus Sheen Strikes Again: If it weren’t for Charlie Sheen, Lindsay Lohan could very well be in jail right now… or in a ditch.

The latest in Sheen’s campaign for the LiLo charitable trust: he has offered her a role in his new FX series “Anger Management”. Apparently she’s going to star as Charlie’s character’s newest trick in the series. Big stretch…

Charlie Sheen REALLY Wants to Bang Lindsay: This hasn’t been reported anywhere. But after this new role and the $100K he gifted to her last year, we’re only guessing.

Her Lawyer is Still a Hack: Mark Heller, the NY state discount lawyer that Lindz decided to represent her in the ongoing probation violation case, is officially still an idiot.

TMZ relays a recent failed attempt at the upper hand when the courtroom Flintstone filed a move to dismiss the case due to the fact that the “Liz & Dick” star wasn’t read her Miranda rights during her PCH car crash.

Only problem is legally responding officers weren’t required to do so. Not at all. D’oh!

Slapped With Mo’ Taxes: Lindsay was just slapped with another tax bill from the state of California for a whopping $56.717 from 2011 alone, reports TMZ.

This is in addition to the $140.203 she still owes the IRS… Her checkbook couldn’t get any sloppier if you squeezed it into the center of a s’more.

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