Hollywood Couple Created "The Bible" Mini-Series To "Set the Record Straight"

Via abc News:

Ever since Charlton Heston parted the Red Sea as Moses in the epic 1956 film, “The Ten Commandments”, Hollywood has had a thirst for more, and now comes a husband-and-wife team who seek to do the Bible justice in a new, 10-hour series premiering on Sunday, March 3, on the History Channel.

Spanning Genesis to Revelation, the series producers may surprise many: First, the reality TV show guru Mark Burnett — the man who made Donald Trump a TV star and “you’re fired” a household catch-phrase, who changed the television landscape with “Survivor”, which just debuted its 27th season, and created the ever-popular “Shark Tank” and “The Voice” — is now taking on a project truly biblical in scale.

But he couldn’t do it alone. Burnett asked for a little help from above: actress Roma Downey, the star of the TV classic, “Touched by an Angel”, who is his wife.

“I’m married to an angel”, Burnett said.

So why are the guy who created “Shark Tank” and “Survivor”, and the woman who played an angel tackling “The Bible”?

“The Bible is the foundation of this nation, of our laws, of our society”, Burnett said.

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