Combining Banking And Family: SEB CEO

Via The Swedish Wire:

Annika Falkengren, CEO of Swedish mega bank SEB, is consistently topping “most powerful” lists and gracing the pages of Fortune Magazine on an annual basis. Last year, she was the ninth most powerful woman in the world, in 2011 the 10th and in 2010 the 8th most noted female global leader in business.

She was made CEO of the bank when her baby was only a few months old.

Huffington Post’s contributor Natalia Brzezinski (and wife of U.S. Ambassador to Sweden) wonders how women can balance career and family without the guilt, and how they should promote themselves at work and carve out a unique, assertive leadership style without being seen negatively.

Annika Falkengren has the answer: “You can absolutely combine a career and family life, it would be sad if it that was not possible. It does take a bit of an effort with good planning, prioritizing and support. You cannot ‘have it all’ if by that you mean a combination of hard work, family, hobbies and an intense social life all at the same time. You have to cut down on something and you have to find the balance that works for you”, she said.

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