Katsia Zingarevich Is A Star Now

Via What Would Tyler Durden Do?:

Anton Zingarevich is the son of Russian billionaire Boris Zingarevich and the owner of the Reading Football Club, which means very little other than he can probably have people killed just for looking at him. But the really cool thing about being a young billionaire is that you can sleep with pretty much any girl on the planet, and that’s how we assume that Anton ended up with 23-year old Victoria’s Secret model Katsia Zingarevich.

Katsia was recently signed as the face of Intimissimi lingerie, which I’ve never heard of, but whoever owns that company and decided to hire Katsia to wear underwear all day should be given every Nobel Prize in every category, as well as a brand new one for Smartest Son of a Bitch Alive.

Reading is a pretty awful club, so if Anton were smart he would have pulled a Major League and had Katsia strip for the club every time it won a game. Or he’d just threaten to kill all of his players’ families. Whatever works.

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