Burkinis To Help Muslim Swedes Take The Plunge

Via The Local:

The small Swedish town of Emmaboda has vetoed a petition to introduce women-only hours at the municipal swimming pool, and instead wants to start selling burkinis to its observant Muslim bathers.

The municipal leisure committee had received a citizens petition asking if the swimming pool could have a separate time slot for women, in order to facilitate for residents who chose for religious reasons to not show their bodies to members of the opposite sex.

The local politicians, however, decided to decline the petition, reports regional newspaper Östran.

Instead, they want to buy in burkinis – swimsuits that cover all parts of a women’s body – which their observant Muslim swimmers could buy before taking the plunge.

“Women can then go swimming but still be covered”, the committee’s protocol notes read.

The municipality top leadership (kommunstyrelsen) will now look at the proposal, reported Östran.

Different attitudes to nudity have posed new questions to swimming pool managers in Sweden before.

In 2011, bathers in Skärholmen, southern Stockholm, said certain bathers’ reticence to show themselves naked meant they did not shower before entering the pool, in breach of hygiene regulations at most Swedish pools.

Hopefully the new water-burqas will not scare the kids off from playing on the beach.

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