Hugo Chavez Is Dead; I Think We’ll Miss Him

Via What Would Tyler Durden Do?:

It ain’t easy being a dictator.

The funny hats, the 60′s military garb, long dinners with Sean Penn who just won’t shut the fuck up.

And, then, shit, you get a cough which turns into cancer and suddenly you’re dead, all within an afternoon, just when you were getting ready to attend a big execution.

And you know there’s always another fat bastard with bad skin ready to fill your shoes.

Hugo Chavez seemed like a very misunderstood man.

Maybe he wanted to rule the world. Maybe he just wanted to follow Maroon 5 on tour and blow dudes.

There’s no way to know now. Because he’s dead.

The good news is, if you were ever going to bang a hot Venezuelan girl, tonight would be the night.

Partying and raw sexuality should be in full force at your local Venezuelan hangout. Andale.

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