Chinese Man Still Alive After 13 Years Of "Homemade" Dialysis

Via Weird Asia News:

Most people think of the bathroom as a place for keeping our bodies clean. However, for Songwen Hu, his bathroom is used not only for clean his external body parts, but also the blood circulating throughout his body.

Thrice a week, he hangs out in his bathroom for a couple of hours to undergo dialysis.

Why in his own bathroom? you may ask. It is because Mr. Hu cannot afford the hospital bills. This led him to make an improvised dialysis machine for himself instead. Hu went to the hospital for treatment, but after six years, he ran out of savings.

Hu says that the total cost of every home treatment totals up to only 60 renminbi (US$9.67). That is just 12 percent of the cost of undergoing dialysis in the hospital.

Though two of his friends died after receiving treatment from their homemade machines, Hu did not lose hope. In fact, he has remained alive 13 years so far after starting treatments on his own machine.

Mr. Hu makes the dialysis fluid by mixing some reagents, such as potassium chloride, sodium chloride, and sodium bicarbonate, into purified water.

Though the treatments are keeping his body and wallet healthy, doctors say that there is still a high risk to what he is doing. Because he is not receiving proper treatment from licensed doctors, he might not notice it, but his body may suffer from multiple organ complications in the future.

When the Chinese Government learned of his situation, Hu was offered medical assistance, but he refused it mainly because the hospital is very far from his home and it is also very crowded.

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