Kate Middleton’s Feud With Prince Harry’s New GF Revealed

Via Hollyscoop:

Prince Harry has a new girlfriend, 24-year-old “model/socialite/royal chaser/dancer” Cressida Bonas and apparently Kate Middleton can’t stand her.

Here’s the back-story on this totally hot dish.

Back when Kate Middleton was just a college party girl and Will’s on-again off-again girlfriend, Cressida’s older sister Isabella Calthrope was reportedly hardcore pursuing Prince William.

So Kate can’t stand the whole family, natch.

Oh also, you know how everyone wants Pippa Middleton and Prince Harry to get together? Well apparently they have a very flirty relationship and Cressida hates it.

Cressida has warned Harry to stop talking to Pippa and Kate is like “oh no she didn’t!”

“[Kate] was really upset when she heard Cress was trying to control who he talks to”, a source told Now magazine, “She told Wills, who had a word with Harry”.

Apparently Kate is very protective of Harry and doesn’t want to see him used by a royal chaser and b*tchy girlfriend like Cressida.

OMG this is like Royal High! We love the idea of the royals gossiping and hating each other, because all we ever see them do is put on orthopedic heels and shake a lot of hands.

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