Sweden: Malmö Pupils Given School Shooting Training

Via The Local:

Pupils in Malmö, Sweden, are to be given training to enable them to deal with a school shooting, following the discovery of weapons and ammunition on the roof of a school building on Friday.

The training is focused on “occupying” the classrooms instead of evacuating them.

“We are turning things around, the idea is that if someone comes and threatens then it is not ideal to send all the children out into the corridors so that they run straight at the person”, said Henric Kahlmeter at Fosie district council to the TT news agency.

The schools are also working with fencing equipment to ensure that classroom doors can’t be opened from the outside.

“It can be a question of an iron bar which is used to seal off the door”, said Henric Kahlmeter.

He told TT that the schools are following police recommendations.

“However it is done, you can’t guarantee that it will be right. We are following police recommendations, which are based on statistics and experience from the U.S. and Finland”.

Kahlmeter explained that this experience indicates that it is better to secure the children and alarm the police, than evacuate.

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