Hammarby Wins Sweden’s Bandy Final 2013

Via The Local:

A record 38.474 spectators turned up to the Stockholm’s Friends Arena on Sunday for the bandy final.

Bandy is a game similar to ice-hockey but with a ball instead of a puck, a bigger rink, and more players, and is a very popular winter sport in Sweden.

Hammarby cruised to a victory in Sweden’s bandy final against Sandviken on Sunday, with a record crowd storming the ice in celebration before the end of the game.

“It feels wonderful, completely awesome. We’ve fought since April to get here and have had an enormous match”, Hammarby captain Stefan Erixon told the Aftonbladet newspaper.

The Södermalm side stormed to a 3-0 lead within five minutes and had netted one more by the ten-minute mark.

From then on, it was smooth skating until Hammarby was leading 9-4 with just 30 seconds to go.

The crowd then decided the game was over and stormed the ice before the referee could even blow the final whistle.

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