Nina Agdal Was Born To Model Lingerie

Via What Would Tyler Durden Do?:

It’s easy to imagine that hot girls from distant lands must come from a race of super fine looking people.

But I’ve been to Denmark.

Meh, it’s like most places.

Nina Agdal was still the hottest girl in her high school by a good measure.

And if you’re the hottest girl in your village anywhere in the world, you owe it to the world to become a model or exhibitionist of some sort.

Just like the brainy kid who has the cure for cancer in his head has to attend medical school or a guy who’s 6’9″ and coordinated has to play basketball.

If you’re super good looking, you have to share.

And if you follow your God-given path, you will be rewarded with cash and fey male model boyfriends and all the cocaine you can consume in your London and New York lofts.

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