Swedes Warned As Mid-March Snow Storm Looms

Via The Local:

Sweden’s weather agency SMHI issued an extreme weather warning for the southern tip of Sweden, with heavy snow and violent winds expected to hit the area on Tuesday.

Wind speeds of over 80 km/h were recorded on Monday afternoon in Ängelholm, a town near Helsingborg in southern Sweden.

“Snow and foul weather are on the way”, Emil Björck at SMHI told the local Skånska Dagbladet newspaper.

The snowstorm is expected to move northwards as far as Svealand throughout the day.

Northern Sweden, meanwhile, can expect sunshine and low temperatures.

Björck at SMHI explained that Swedes looking forward to improved weather shouldn’t hold their breath.

“If it’s spring you’re after, you’ve got a long wait. Over the next ten days I don’t see any change in temperature across the country. We’ll have to be patient a while longer”, he told the paper.

When you like me have lived many years abroad you realize how cold and long the winter actually is in Sweden.

Well, apparently the snow, hard winds, and freezing temperatures are here to stay with us in Sweden for yet a while.

Anyway, this is the time of the year to enjoy the snow while we still have it.

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