Satanist Insider Waxes Triumphant

Via Before It’s News:

“Acting on their own, the Jews (and late in the day, the Bonesmen) stole the election from Romney then hushed it up! We can work with anyone, but Romney was our man of the moment. Anyway, what’s done is done. Those who control the counting control the election”.

Aloysius Fozdyke is the Australian Satanist insider responsible for bringing these important revelations to world attention:

We have weakened societies by reforms which undermine authority, together with the destruction of national and communal identity and legal systems that are complex and pro-criminal.

Couple this with a dependence upon government hand-outs and the sexual disorientation of children and we destroy from within: family, government, bureaucracy, society and churches. Solve et coagula, that’s what we are doing.

I’ve stated this before. Destruction before redemption.

We can only succeed if we give the sheeple what they want – spiritual, moral, societal, and personal decay!

A culture of hopelessness, if you will. Soon drones will deliver fast food, like pizza. This will calm the sheeple into their acceptance.

Australia is at the forefront of this work. Drones will fill the skies to keep sheeple safe, degraded, and irrational.

Imperial maps are being redrawn. Look carefully at Africa. After the invaders leave Afghanistan, the Chinese will move in. All that, death for China!

And the expense of a lifetime of the injured and unsalvageable!

At the end of the process there will be the elite and our flocks.

We will end national sovereignty and relocate what private property is left after the current economic meltdown.

We’ve already stupefied and stolen their indoctrinated kids.

Currencies will fall; interest rates will escalate and deepening national debt will culminate in complete collapse.

All this will call for stringent measures, including work for the dole.

Big business will flourish but small businesses will not.

Free enterprise will be dead. Big government, big business, and big surprises.

Strikes will be organized so that even those with money can’t get the necessities.

Racial violence will be a significant component of the breakdown of first world societies. Fear. Anger. Hatred.

Don’t worry about the distraction which is “the gun debate” in America.

Sandy Hook was based upon the Port Arthur ‘psyop’. Both Adam and Martin were chosen, and for similar reasons – but it could have been almost anyone. Our media will destroy the cracks in any operation. And there’s more coming. Newtown is one of ours.

Taxes will rise across the globe. I told you this before and it’s happening now! That’s what the sheeple want.

One of the last currencies to collapse will be the Australian dollar, but it too will collapse and quickly. We’ve got that covered. Have no fear!

Who really knows how many Americans exist on Food Stamps and with an aging population, their taxation and social security systems will collapse. Same everywhere.

The perfect time for declarations of emergency martial law, international identity and surveillance microchip systems.

Acting on their own, the Jews (and late in the day, the Bonesmen) stole the election from Romney then hushed it up! We can work with anyone, but Romney was our man of the moment. Anyway, what’s done is done. Those who control the counting control the election. Those who collate the numbers create the illusion. It’s what we’re great at.

We commemorate Johnny’s precious Ides of March sacrifice while remembering that the Secretary of State for War made his statement on the 22nd of March half a century ago and the Member for Dudley was a largely unknown but very influential man – behind the scenes, of course.

When the filth rise up we’ll crush them, for “the slaves shall serve”. They don’t have any political power. We will prove that! They gave us Our weapons. We will use them. They either don’t need convincing or can’t be convinced.

The Usher of Desecration will appeal to the masses and they will follow. She will be subtle and hypnotic as She molds thought and crafts opinion. Some already believe that they know Her. Hers is the Time of Culling. She holds the jewels in Her cruel hands. Her Adorations are screams.

Then Vindex will arise and although not of us, She will nurture and enliven Him. We will worship as He makes way for Our Deities upon this plane. And there will be ecstasy. I’ve told you this before but much of what I’ve stated has been overlooked. It is written in The Epistle of Matthias; “The Phoenix & The Harlequin”.

I’ve advised both on China and The Egyptian.

Cast pearls before swine when I mentioned Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck. This is the year. There is much energy being released and harnessed.

Paradigms are collapsing and with them the empires and civilizations these support. We will reap Our Reward as is promised, both here and now and after “the mortal which must die that a Goddess or God may be born”.

I mentioned purchasing Satan’s metal, but others knew more than I. I told how We cure cancer and disease, but no one bothered.

I have foretold what will happen to the banking system, but people still hold their savings in bank accounts.

I wrote about the destruction of pension and superannuation funds, yet the filth overlooked my words. Julia was given power to destroy the Australian Labor Party. The next federal government of Australia will be led by the former seminarian. But our special people are now ensconced behind the scenes and in control.

Again, I strongly advise Xtains to remain on their knees. Our churches will grow as conditions deteriorate.

Who else but a vampire would have his disciples drink his blood and eat his flesh in return for everlasting life? “And they brought young children to him, that he should touch they”. Really? No wonder J. M. Bergoglio is confused.

But that’s another story.

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