SueLyn Medeiros Vacation Photos Are Better Than Your Vacation Photos

Via What Would Tyler Durden Do?:

Suelyn Medeiros is Brazilian, has an outrageously curvy body, and used to drive a Delorean until she serpentined it down Hollywood Boulevard, side swiped a bunch of cars, and got arrested for DUI.

In short, Suelyn Medeiros is a party in a can.

Thanks to the invention of Instagram, the technology that will likely seed the Skynet armageddon of the human race, we can share in Suelyn sharing shots of her tits and ass on vacation in in her native Brazil.

What a wonderful world. Normally, to see Suelyn’s tits, you’d have to pay $20 to enter a nightclub with one of those stupid exotic adjective names. But, thanks to Instagram, this is all free.

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