Cleavage Nightclub Is Busted

Via The Sun:

A nightclub is at the center of a bust-up — after offering free entry to girls who show off their boobs.

The promotional flyer for the “National Cleavage Weekender” has several photos of women bursting out of their bras and tight-fitting dresses.

And it promises would-be clubbers: “It’s not about the size, it’s about the presentation. Free entry for exposed cleavage B4 11pm”.

But the Casino Rooms’ entry ruling — for three nights from Thursday April 4 to Saturday April 6 — has upset locals in Rochester, Kent.

Sharon Abbeywell, 42, said: “This is degrading. The thought of getting free entry for exposing your breasts to save £3 is disgraceful”.

“Girls around here are bad enough, without encouraging them to save money by getting their boobs out”. Labour councillor Vince Maple said: “It sends the worst message”.

Club boss Aaron Stone, who previously ran pole-dancing nights with £250 prizes for clubbers who strip, insisted: “It’s a celebration of the female form. It’s a little bit cheeky, but I’m not apologizing for that”.

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