Nicki Minaj Using Her Boobs To Get Ahead

Via What Would Tyler Durden Do?:

Nothing but respect for a girl who can use her knockers to make a living.

A good living at that.

All women have them, but only a few know how to milk them, as it were.

In her latest obviously hatched publicity stunt to get more attention for her tits, Nicki Minaj staged a bikini peek of her bad boys while shooting her “High School” music video featuring the sort of still alive Lil Wayne.

How staged was the flash? Enough so that they censored the video on the spot with stars so you can’t really see her bare boobs. I guess I take back that part about nothing but respect.

Nicki also uses her pasties-covered tits to make you watch her “Freaks” music video. I’m sensing a theme…

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