Micaela Schaefer Paints Her Eggs For Easter

Via What Would Tyler Durden Do?:

When we hate a girl who is dying for public adoration, we call her an attention whore.

When a hot girl we likes pulls much of the same shit, we just watch and applaud and call her daring.

I like German model Micaela Schaefer. She’s daring. She likes to get butt naked in public in places like Berlin where you can pretty much get naked in public and nobody harasses you because it’s Germany and tits in public don’t hit their top 10 concerns list.

I wish the U.S. were the same, but unless you’re a fat lady hobo with bed sores, flashing your bare cans in public will get you arrested. We might just have it backwards.

Micaela painted her tits and went to the Brandenburg Gate holding a bunny in celebration of Easter.

Or maybe she was just showing the bunny where babies come from, which would be a little joke between species.

Either way, she wants attention and who’s going to be the first guy not to give it to her? Not I.

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