Snoop Calls Miley Cyrus "One Of The Greatest Musicians" Ever

Via What Would Tyler Durden Do?:

My friend Jess once proposed that the definition of “too high” is when you’re watching the Cartoon Network and you realize it’s been four hours since you last checked a clock.

Meh, declaring Miley Cyrus “one of the greatest musicians of all time” is a much better definition.

I know Snoop is currently selling his questionable duets reggae beats album, including the Auto-Tuned aural affair that is Ashtrays and Heartbreaks featuring Miley.

Still, there is hyperbole and there is total disconnect from common perception.

You’d be hard pressed to find even a tween girl Miley fan who would commit to this level of exaggeration.

Nancy Reagan predicted all this 30 years ago but nobody was listening.

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