Singer Smokes Dodgy Cig On International Ma-Rih-Ana Day

Via The Sun:

Rihanna smokes a suspicious cigarette and poses with a cake shaped like a cannabis leaf on International Marijuana Day.

The pop star ensured she brought the landmark occasion to her fans’ attention via a couple of tweeted snaps.

One showed her sitting on a chair while poking out a bare leg and puffing on her questionable ciggie.

Another zooms in on her green-coloured sweet treat, featuring a pair of dazed red-rimmed eyes and a smiley mouth smoking an icing sugar joint.

Written beneath the cake is the message: “Happy 4/20 Riri!!!”

The date refers to the day – April 20 – set aside for a series of marches and festivals around the globe in support of legalizing marijuana.

Rihanna will no doubt spark anger among parents of her young, impressionable fans as she continues to flaunt her own dalliances with drugs.

The singer has frequently tweeted comments about her penchant for mind-altering tobacco and has posted images of herself smoking dodgy fags.

Meanwhile, Rihanna has tweeted a sexy snap that sees her twinned up with lingerie model Adriana Lima.

The chart-topper more than holds her own in the arresting pic, parading her flat tummy in a tiny top as the supermodel leans in to plant a kiss on her cheek.

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