Southern Sweden Swings Towards Sweden Democrats

Via The Local:

The immigration-critical Sweden Democrats would nab 16 percent of the vote in regional elections here in the south if residents were to cast their ballots today, revealed a new poll by Yougov commissioned by the Metro newspaper.

“In Malmö, our membership numbers are up by 30 percent in the past six months”, Sweden Democrat Malmö municipal district chairman Jörgen Grubb told The Local.

“We see a general increase so it doesn’t surprise me that support has gone up regionally”.

Neither did the new poll result surprise observers who are traditionally critical of the Sweden Democrats.

“Skåne has traditionally been their strongest stronghold, so it’s not surprising their support there is above the national average”, Alexander Bengtsson, deputy CEO of the magazine Expo, which covers nationalism and racism, told The Local.

Sweden has much work to do to stop intolerance and racism.

The best way is through more centralization and political discipline.

Therefore we must together with Denmark move our borders to the west and especially to the south.

We need to push our borders all the way back to Africa like our ancestors – the Vandals.

We should not fear to move toward a less civil and more militarized sociaty to get control.

Today we have so many different and useless political parties in Europe, which is a waste of both energy and time, when really only one political party is needed for our whole region since we all have the same goal.

And there should and will always only be one government.

I trust Russia will back us up as we want to partake with the rest of Europe and Africa in our common Byzantine heritage with our Russian neighbors.

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