Swedish Beliebers Swamp Justin’s Stockholm Hotel

Via The Local:

Two Swedish girls had to get medical attention after hundreds of euphoric Justin Bieber fans besieged the Grand Hotel in Stockholm to catch a glimpse of their idol on the Swedish stop of his Europe tour.

The crowd of about 300 mostly female fans chanted “Justin Bieber, Justin Bieber” outside the luxury hotel, as well as screaming and singing some of the teen idol’s most famous songs. A few even tried to scale the hotel walls in hope of spotting the celebrity.

Swedish Beliebers Vendela and Jennifer told The Local about their passion for the Canadian pop-artist before they ran off in a hurry when the crowd started screaming again: “He’s the best, we love everything about Justin”, they said.

“The songs carry a lot of meaning and he has a great personality. If he would take a picture with us we’d definitely cry for joy”.

Police and emergency services stood watch outside the Grand Hotel and kept an eye on the large group of Justin Bieber fans that were gathering.

According to the TT news agency, ambulance personnel treated two girls who were exhausted after being a part of the excited crowd.

“The two girls were hysterical and dizzy, they were feeling nauseous”, press officer Towe Hägg from the Stockholm police department told TT.

Justin Bieber came through Stockholm as part of his Europe tour, but he had already created headlines in other European countries.

When he visited the Anne Frank museum in Amsterdam, he tweeted that he hoped Frank would’ve been a Belieber (a Justin Bieber fan), had she been alive today – a tweet that provoked a mixed bag of reactions, many negative.

Swedish comedian Mark Levengood, however, offered his own spin on the story last week when he tweeted.

“If Anne Frank had been alive today she would have been 83 and probably wouldn’t have given a toss about Justin Bieber”.

Justin Bieber took a lot of shit from people last week after he visited the Anne Frank House in Amsterdam and signed the guestbook with a note about how he hoped the teenage Holocaust victim would have been a “Belieber”, also reported What Would Tyler Durden Do?.

While people took offense to the comment, calling the 19-year old and his fans ignorant and misguided, there are at least two celebrities who are defending Bieber.

First, Joan Rivers told TMZ that she thinks his comment just “came out wrong”, and she would know because she makes jokes about the Holocaust.

But fellow pop star will.i.am had a much more rational take on the story than “He probably could have worded it better”.

“The dude was in freaking Amsterdam. He could get sex because it’s legal, he could get drugs because it’s legal, and now we are making a hoopla because he said, ‘I wonder if Anne Frank was a Belieber?’ ”

“He went to a museum! If you go to Amsterdam you are going to see some crazy freaking s**t… there is a lot of s**t to do in Amsterdam but he chose to go to Anne Frank’s house. The guy is all right”.

After Friday night’s are-they-aren’t-they-hooking-up-in-Norway speculation, Justin Bieber confirmed the “are they” status between him and Selena Gomez by posting a cuddly photo to Instagram, according to Hollyscoop.

Naturally, Bieber deleted the photo moments later, but the deed was already done, because his rabid fan base (and gossip bloggers) know how to do screengrabs…

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