Infidelity Dating Site Ashley Madison Uses Mark Sanford In Ad

Via abc News:

Residents of Columbia, S.C., were greeted this week with a new billboard advertising a dating website for married people, which featured an image of former South Carolina governor and admitted philanderer Mark Sanford.

The ad, spread across two stacked billboards, reads, “Next time use… to find your ‘running mate,'” made its debut Tuesday morning.

Emblazoned in the ad is an image of Sanford, who is attempting to revive his political career with a bid for South Carolina’s vacant 1st Congressional District seat. A special election is set for May 7.

Ashley Madison CEO Noel Biderman told that the controversial ad, created by him and his internal team, is meant as social commentary.

He sees his campaign as a way to show that those who cheat on their spouses should not be made into pariahs.

“We are trying to get people to distinguish between capability, and what goes on in bedroom”, Biderman said.

“There are few voices speaking on behalf of those who are unfaithful. Once we found out Sanford was back in business, that’s the story we want to attach ourselves to. We believe careers shouldn’t be lost because you choose not to sustain monogamy”.

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