Swedish Woman Dies In Game Of Russian Roulette

Via The Local:

A Swedish woman has died after playing what appeared to be a game of Russian roulette in western Sweden.

The 23-year-old man who provided the weapon was charged for manslaughter on Thursday.

The incident occurred in mid-March in an apartment in Flatås, Gothenburg, where emergency service workers found the 48-year-old woman seriously injured.

The 23-year-old man is believed to have brought out a gun during an evening of drinking, loaded it with one live round, put it against his head and pulled the trigger.

“He did it to himself. Then he put the weapon on the table”, explained the man’s lawyer Karl Sjölander.

The woman then put the gun to her head, pulled the trigger, and shot herself in the head. She died of her injuries later in hospital.

During police interrogations, the man claimed that he had gone to the bathroom when he heard a click, and then a shot, according to the Metro newspaper.

On Thursday, the man was charged on the suspicion of manslaughter and aggravated weapon crimes.

He denies the manslaughter charge but confessed to the weapon crimes and to narcotic crimes after police found cannabis in his home.

The man has been detained until the trial and is reportedly devastated by the turn of events, his lawyer said.

The lawyer added, however, that there was evidence to suggest the woman was already suicidal.

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