"Seeing This Crazy Guy With Two Huge Knives And Hate In His Eyes I Knew I Had To Get Out Of Celeb Circus"

Via The Sun:

Oozing glamour in her designer bikini, Paris Hilton is the poster girl for having it all – but fame has come at a terrible price.

The hotel heiress, who has long been a magnet for stalkers and burglars, has revealed she feared she would DIE at the hands of a knife-wielding maniac.

Bravely she relived that terror while playing herself in a similar situation in crime film The Bling Ring, which premieres at Cannes this month.

But the incident, in August 2010, also prompted a complete change of lifestyle.

Once a party animal and reality TV airhead, New Yorker Paris now plans to step out of the spotlight and build her own hotel empire.

Opening up about her shocking ordeal for the first time, Paris, 32, recalls: “It was terrifying. I had never experienced anything like that before and it really shook the foundations of my world”.

“It was about 5am when I heard someone banging on my window”.

“I went downstairs and saw a crazy guy outside with two huge kitchen knives in his hands”.

“He looked like he wanted to kill me and he kept banging on the windows, demanding to be let in”.

“I screamed. I was certain he was going to get through the windows or the door and then that would be it”.

“I was certain he would kill me if he could get inside”.

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