Anna Benson Finally Goes Ballistic

Via What Would Tyler Durden Do?:

There are many ways to respond to the sight of a hot stripper at a Southern peep show.

Tossing bills their way comes to mind.

One thing you should try to avoid is marrying them.

I don’t know, sometimes they have histories of mental illness, abuse, kids from previous teen marriages, little warning flags of that sort.

Kris Benson was all the shit when he came out of college, the best pitcher in the country, picked first in the MLB draft in 1996.

Then he had to go and marry a stripper.

Kris chose Anna because I guess her vagina looked amazing when he met her working the pole, and he didn’t think any other woman in the world could produce the same genitalia wow.

Not surprisingly, she proved to be a big fucking nut job pain in the ass who fucked with his mind and his public image.

Until last night, then she went and broke into his place with a gun and a metal baton and a bullet proof vest demanding money.

I’d have to think this came as little surprise to Kris. He’s mostly lucky he’s not dead.

All because he married a stripper when he didn’t have to.

There’s a lesson in there that not a single man will choose to learn the easy way.

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