Teenage Beauty Queen In Tears After Being Banned From Prom

Via The Sun:

This is the moment a teenage beauty queen hailed for being a role model was left in tears after she was barred from attending her own prom for being a truant.

Lurelle Bancroft, 16, made it to the top 25 of the Miss Teen Great Britain contest and won the admiration of MP Hazel Blears.

She said: “Over the last year I’ve raised money for charity and represented the school as Miss Teen Salford and I’ve given the school a good name”.

But teachers claim her modeling work and street dancing took its toll on her school work – and barred her from the passing out ball for missing lessons.

Staff at Buile Hill Visual Arts College in Salford, Greater Manchester, also said Lurelle had ripped up two written warnings about her behavior.

Lurelle turned up at the ball in a white £300 designer dress only to be told she had been excluded from the prom.

Teachers watched as she walked away in tears before closing the gate behind her.

Lurelle said: “I deserved to be there. I just wanted to be able to celebrate with my friends but the teachers were blocking my way. In the end all I could do was cry my eyes out, I was so distressed”.

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