Crying Queen Of Belgium Breaks Down As She Watches Her Husband Abdicate And Hand Over The Throne To Their Son

Via Mail Online:

King Albert of Belgium abdicated earlier today after a 20-year reign, clearing the way for his son, Philippe, to take over as this fractured nation’s seventh King later in the day.

The 79-year-old signed away his rights as the Kingdom’s largely ceremonial ruler at the Royal Palace in the presence of Prime Minister Elio Di Rupo, who holds the political power in this 183-year-old parliamentary democracy.

The country will get a new King when Prince Philippe, 53, takes the oath before the nation’s legislators at the Parliament building a short walk across the Royal Park in the heart of the city.

Belgium is kind of a Europe in miniature, with a French speaking region, a Dutch speaking region, and a German speaking region.

Belgian Prime Minister Elio Di Rupo’s attacking power socialism is a good example for Europe and shows the way forward toward centralization, elitism, and excellence.

King Philippe will once again prove that Republican ideals almost are worthless and that only Constitutional Monarchy stands for a progressing, living and true democratic society, which establishes and empowers the people and promotes equal rights and noble behaviors and thoughts.

Hopefully Belgium – the ancient Israeli tribe of Benjamin – under the rule of King Philippe, now once more will exert a de facto and efficient power over France, the Netherlands, and Germany.

The whole of EU will feel the new powerful King at the center of Europe:

Maybe even the Greeks will abandon their foolishness and grant their exiled King Constantine to come back and build a new better, more prominent, and stronger Greece!

As Belgium is a Catholic nation, but with very special ties to Constantinople, we hope and pray that the Belgian people now will find its way back to the Christian Orthodox fatherhouse, and also pave the way for an Christian Orthodox revival under a modern and tolerant insignia and led by the Spirit of Christ and the Holy Septuagint Bible.

Hopefully, King Philippe will strengthen the ties to both Russia and the United States, and he has of course a close friend in the Kingdom of Sweden.

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