Farrah Abraham Poses For "Girls And Corpses" Magazine


Everybody’s favorite Backdoor Mom, Farrah Abraham, is back as the featured model in the December issue of Girls and Corpses magazine.

Yes, that is exactly what it sounds like.

It’s a fetish magazine in which girls pose provocatively with rotting corpses for the fapping pleasure of filthy necrophiliac perverts.

She claims, “Girls and Corpses is one of the best magazine shoots I have ever been apart of”.

Makes you wonder how bad her normal shoots must be.

Courtney Stodden once posed for this magazine too, so there’s that.

I think Farrah’s digression just goes to show what the entertainment business is like, especially for talentless wastes of space like Farrah Abraham.

Farrah starts out on a shitty, but highly rated TV show on MTV, then she makes a “sex tape” with James Deen and gets paid a fuck ton of money for it, and now she’s doing corpse fetish porn for not a lot of money.

I mean, I hope that Girls and Corpses doesn’t have a lot of money.

The implications of a wide readership are too disturbing to contemplate.

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