Victoria Silvstedt Is A Real Actress


Lots of people give me shit for calling Victoria Silvstedt a prostitute. Which I have never actually said before.

I always use a bunch of idiotic euphemisms to suggest that she might be sleeping with rich old men in exchange for cash. Also, at one time, okay, so she was a real prostitute.

But, I’m only saying that now to prove that I’ve never said she was a prostitute before.

And also because Victoria is far more than just a prostitute, not that I’m even calling her that. She’s a talented on-air personality.

Some dude sent me this video of her talking to a human-bear-puppet who licks her toes until he explodes.

It’s good that she has prostitution to fall back on as a day job. Not that I’m suggesting she’s a prostitute. Just watch and be disturbed or her pimp will cut you.

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