Message From Elijah The Tishbite And Gloria

Via Two Olive Trees:

In his latest post Elijah the Tishbite esplains that Almighty God is sending Planet X or Nibiru to cross between the Sun and the Earth to cause three days of darkness as written in Joel 2:31.

Some things Elijah the Tishbite writes are a bit difficult to understand.

But remain calm and rest asssured people that this Levite will draw everything right for you in due time in the light of the Septuagint.

If this is the appointed time for furthering my subduing of the emotional and material dimension, I might soon be at an appointed Greek Orthodox monastery again for necessary spiritual excercises.

Elijah the Tishbite was by the way the person who in the 1980’s laid out my Biblical and spiritual knowledge to my esoteric training, before I became baptized Greek Orthodox Christian at Mount Athos in Greece, which only happened in 2011.

Anyway, this is what Elijah the Tishbite and his scribe Gloria wrote a couple of days ago:

“I and Gloria, my scribe, are here because it is appointed to be. We do what we believe He has us to do at this appointed time before He moves us to the next appointed place to do whatever leads us to do, and to whomever He has to meet for His will to be done.

We live like it is written, as strangers and pilgrims. We speak such hard words of truth that most people cannot bear them. Most so-called Christians are not spiritual from the pulpits on down of most churches, whatever kind. But there are some that are glad to hear the truth of Almighty God’s Word His Lord Jesus or Michael gave, Daniel 12:1-3.

We read in Daniel 11:37 of the son that has turned from the God of His father, from being a Christian to the god of Islam, Allah, as a muslim convert on Cyprus Island in Tim Cohen’s book, “The Anti-Christ Prince and A Cup of Tea”. It shows a photo of his mother, a high witch, placing her sword of approval upon Prince Charles’ head saying that her master, the dragon, that is, Satan, will give him all the power and authority to be king over the soon-to-be arisen Roman Empire, Revelation 9:11, Revelation 13:1-2 + 18.

The Queen of England is about ready to abdicate her throne and move to her new mansion under the Denver Airport along with all the rich elite to dwell in their new safety havens, all being the children of Satan as written in Almighty God’s Word in Revelation l6:14-17.

At this time Almighty God is sending Planet X or Nibiru to cross between the Sun and the Earth to cause three days of darkness as written in Joel 2:31.

While the Earth is in total darkness, the Lord will come down as a bright star having the key to the bottomless pit to allow Satan spiritually to be set free to come up upon the Earth as written in Revelation 13:11 + 5 to be the ruler of his whole rebellious Earth for 42 months as written in Revelation 13:5.

When Satan comes up upon this Earth, Prince Charles will come up out of the sea in a giant submarine as written in Revelation 13:1-2.

Then we have Revelation 16:13-14. These three named will be placing demonic spirits into the rulers to be led by them every time they allow evil to dwell in their heart. They get more and more wicked. It’s liken to the one that the Lord met who had a legion of demons in his earthly vessel. God knows how many person are running around like this in high places.

No matter, come quickly, Lord Jesus.


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